FAQ: How Do I Remove The Plastic Tip Off The Old Fuel Pumpfrom The Fuel Line On A Chevy?

Where does the O ring go on the fuel pump?

The flat side, goes in the fuel pump channel. The little tabs around the outside, hold the o-ring in place while installing.

What tools do you need to replace a fuel pump?

Tools Needed to Change a Fuel Pump

  1. Ratchet wrench set with universal joint.
  2. Tubing or open-end wrenches.
  3. Hose clamp pliers or screwdriver.
  4. Bolt or wooden dowel to plug fuel line from fuel tank.

How does a fuel pump work in a car?

The basic way your modern electrical fuel pump works is by utilizing a DC motor in the pump assembly which draws in the fuel sitting in your gas tank. From there, it sends it up the fuel line and into the fuel rail where it can be injected into a cylinder. It then mixes with air and a spark to create combustion.

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