Often asked: How To Remove Sauder Plastic Cam Lock?

How do you remove an IKEA plastic screw lock?

First make sure that it is not in a locked position (ie remove or lift the bolt attached to the side if any). Then simply screw a screw into the X-area of the fastener from outside, just 1-2 mm so that the screw kind of locks on to the fastener. Then you can wiggle it out.

How do you remove a plastic screw from wood?

2 Answers. First drill a hole in the center, then mount a washer with a screw in the hole. Protect the surface with thin sheet of wood and use a nail puller to pull the screw with the plastic item out of the material.

Can you undo a cam lock?

Using an undersized tip can easily strip a cam. While assembling furniture, you may find that you made an assembly or cam lock fastener installation mistake. When this happens, the only way to separate the furniture pieces, or remove and then reinstall the cam and pin, is by unlocking the cam lock.

How do you open a cam lock without a key?

For a simple cam lock, you can get an old standard blade screwdriver that you don’t care about messing up. Use a hammer and drive the screwdriver into the key slot, the further the better. Use a pipe wrench on the screwdriver handle, and turn. In most cases, that will torque the lock open.

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How do you remove a stripped plastic anchor?

Push the anchor through the wall with a screwdriver. Another option is to place a Phillips-head screwdriver in the anchor. Tap it gently with a hammer. Once it is pushed slightly into the wall, apply joint compound over it to smooth out the hole.

Are cam locks interchangeable?

Every Snaplock┬« cam is made to industry standard which ensures that the complete Snaplock┬« rage is interchangeable with other camlocks made to the same standard (A-A-59326D, EN14420-& formally the MIL-C-27487). This means you don’t have to worry about compatibility or replacing more than one part at a time.

Are cam locks strong?

The furniture can also be reassembled with the same ease and tightness of joints. For manufacturers, this means a higher quality product. But the TorpedoCSIS connector is also strong enough for use in high quality hardwood and solid-wood furniture such as dining tables, beds, cabinetry and stairs.

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