Quick Answer: How To Remove Plastic Trim Clips?

What tool should be used to remove plastic trim fasteners?

Body Clip Pliers These specially designed & patented pliers will remove any clip found on trim, bumpers, etc. Steel levers enclosed in plastic handles; prevent scratches & nicks in paint.

How do I remove the outside panel of my car?

How to Replace Auto Body Panels

  1. Remove the old or damaged auto body panel. Reach the panel by looking under the vehicle and removing the plastic protective skirting using a Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Look behind the panel and locate the bolts that are holding it to the car.
  3. Pull the old panel off of the car.

How do you get a push nut off?

One way to remove a push nut is by inserting the top of a sharp flathead screwdriver or a chisel between the teeth of the push nut and the bolt. Pry the teeth of the push nut up until they bend or break, allowing the push nut to be removed from the bolt.

Can you reuse plastic rivets?

thread the screw in a couple of threads, straighten out the anchor, push in hole and tighten screw.they are re-usable if not broken.

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