Quick Answer: Xbox 36o How To Remove Dvd Drive Plastic?

How do I remove the DVD drive from my Xbox 360?

Use the tip of a spudger to release the clip securing the eject button to the metal casing. Insert the flat end of a spudger between the eject button and the optical drive. Pry the eject button off its retaining posts and remove it from the 360. This can also be accomplished using an Xbox 360 opening tool.

How do you remove a DVD drive faceplate?

Lay the optical drive upside down. Use a small flat screwdriver and push the left horizontal clip inwards and then forwards. It will also pop up the bezel from the dvd drive.

Can you replace Xbox 360 DVD drive?

The Xbox 360 is designed so that the DVD drive that is used to play game discs works only with the particular game console it is installed in. Replacing a defective DVD drive with a replacement DVD drive does not work, since the replacement has a different DVD drive key, which the game console won’t accept.

Are Xbox 360 DVD drives interchangeable?

6 Answers. Unfortunately, you can’t just swap dvd drives in an xbox 360 and have them work. You have to replace with the same type of drive and retrieve the dvd key from the original drive and spoof it to the new drive.

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How do you remove a DVD ROM?

Step 1: Removing the drive from Device Manager

  1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
  2. Click the Hardware tab, and then click the Device Manager button.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) next to DVD/CD-ROM drives.
  4. Right-click the drive you want to remove.
  5. Click Uninstall.

How do you remove a DVD case?


  1. Open Alpha case.
  2. Put case flat on a hard surface.
  3. Pinch the center hub at its top and bottom.
  4. While pinching, use your other hand to lift the top edge of the disc and angle it up a few millimeters.
  5. The disc is now free of the tabs, you can stop pinching.

How do I remove a disk cover?

Step 3: Removing the Cover

  1. Find all of the screws.
  2. Using your torx screwdriver unscrew and remove all of the screws you can find.
  3. Locate the sealing strip around the edge of the cover.
  4. Remove the cover and throw it away.
  5. You should now see the inside of your hard drive.

Can I replace Xbox One disc drive?

Xbox One DG-6M1S Blu-ray DVD Drive Replacement The DVD drive will need to be “flashed” with your console’s security key or will need to have your original drive’s board swapped into the new replacement drive. Basic soldering required during installation. Professional installation is highly recommended.

How much does it cost to fix Xbox One disc drive?

Generally repairs are around $100 after warranty ends. Depending on the issue, they may send a different console altogether so the lifespan can vary depending on what you get.

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How do I clean out my Xbox One?

You can easily clean your Xbox One by using a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges from the outside of your console. You can also carefully use compressed air to remove dust build-up in the vents and ports of your Xbox console.

How do you clean blu ray discs?

Hold the DVD, Blu – ray Disc, or CD by the edges or by placing your finger through the center hole. Wipe the disc with a cloth that has been dampened with white vinegar. The acetic acid in vinegar cuts through the oils left behind by your fingers, as well as any other dirt and grime that might be on the disc.

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